Few Words About Tentrecen,

In the way of success, we started to write our story, since 2018 Our Organisation developed by a team of students who are dynamic, ambitious and want to take the field of technology to a high-profile.We are set on taking more challenges in order to deliver efficient software development services, customization, and testing.

We increase diversity in computer science by reaching students of all backgrounds wherever they are at their skill-levels that inspire them to keep learning. We believe that quality computer science education should be available to every common persons, not just a handful.

Our Basic Mission

Our organisation wants to create a new era in the field of technology and open new doors to the budding youngsters by providing employment and making the world a better place to live in

Our Valuable Vision

We mainly focus on building a strong long term relationship with customers by working hand in hand, to meet up their desires and necessities with our skills and capability.

Associated Organization

Light Classroom

The team of people who thought to take the Education system to next level where the Students will allow to learn in their way.The future of education may seem strange to us today, but the changes will be made for the betterment of the student. The Goal of Education is the advancement of the knowledge.

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